Do you sometimes think you’re not creative?
Do you think one needs to be Steve Jobs to have innovative ideas?
Do you sometimes wonder how successful companies manage to consistently create fantastic experiences for their customers?

That’s where this newsletter comes in.

Why Should I Read 101 Innovation Hacks?

101 Innovation Hacks is a newsletter that will teach you simple and powerful techniques to help you understand your customers’ needs better and help you create fantastic experiences for them. It’ll help you and your team to become more successful.

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Your comments to the posts will be used - with your permission of course - in my next book about innovation.

Should You Trust Me?

I’ve been responsible for Innovation Strategy in the second-largest IT company in Germany for the last 10 years.
I’ve learned how to Do Less Better, success means to not boil the ocean.
I’ve learned how to make teams successful by introducing a few tiny techniques.
I’ve learned how to create a modern company culture that focuses on fun but also on radical customer obsession.

Additionally, a recent study showed that companies obsessed with customer experience outperform their industry peers by six times in year-on-year profitability (see

101 Innovation Hacks will always be free, but we also have a community behind a paywall to expand on the ideas in the newsletter without the help of trolls. If you’d like to join us for discussion and more thoughts from me, you’re very welcome. It’s $5 a month of which 25% will be donated to

Looking forward to working with you on the first book created with a newsletter!