Innovation Hack 1 - Best Question to Ask Customers

One of the best questions to focus.

Today’s question:

What’s a problem you have that you’d pay almost anything to solve?

WHY is this technique important and why is it working?
Existing willingness to pay is one of the best indicators that you’re solving the right problem.

WHAT is the problem the technique solves?
People often solve problems that aren’t relevant to customers. I often see perfect solutions for non-existing problems, which is the ultimate waste of money. The question above not only allows you to understand the most important problems from the customers’ perspective. It additionally makes them focus on the problem that makes them even want to pay. Win-win.

WHEN to use?
Next time you talk to your customers.

HOW to immediately apply the technique at work or at home.
This question can be practiced with every person you meet today.
Simply ask people around you what they struggle with now. After that ask them if they even have a problem that they’d pay almost anything to solve. After that ask why and listen. Tell me how it felt by clicking on the comment icon below!