How to Solve Problems in a Simple and Fun Way

101 Ways to Become an Exceptional Innovator

Learn here how to solve big problems efficiently.

What’s in it for you?
You'll gain an innovative way to approach your toughest problems - professionally and personally. You’ll learn how to create delightful products or services quickly, how to create a modern team culture, or a great relationship with your customers.

You’ll learn how to ask better questions, communicate better, be more creative, how to build prototypes, and put your plan in place to create a lasting impact.

Every article will consist of four elements:

WHY: Why is today's technique important to you and why is it working.
WHAT: What is the problem the technique solves and what happens if you don't use it.
WHEN: When to use this technique.
HOW: How to immediately apply the technique at work and at home.

Don't miss this chance to learn innovation from more than 10 years of my experience in the human-centered design business. I love teaching others the power of modern innovation methods. I love to experience how fast and effective people solve problems with the right methods after that. Join us!

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PS: This newsletter is written by me, Adam Egger - a minimalist, a health and fitness junkie, and Director of Innovation Strategy at Software AG, one of the largest IT companies in Germany. I’ve been helping teams around the world grow and innovate in an easy way for more than a decade.